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Wedding Photography, Event Photography, Johannesburg, South Africa 

Wedding Photo - Flowergirl and Rose Petals. Click here for next photo.
Photograph of Flower Girl - Thumbnail

Flower Girl

 Photograph of Flower Girls sharing a fun moment - Thumbnail

Candid Moment

 Follow Me - Thumbnail

Follow Me

 Photo of Newlyweds - Thumbnail


 Photo of married couple leaving church.

Leaving Church

Photograph of Couple & Vintage Car - Thumbnail

Vintage Car

 Photograph of Page Boy - Thumbnail

Page Boy

 Photograph of Couple walking along the beach, Kenton - Thumbnail

Along the Beach

 Photograph 2 of Couple walking along the beach, Kenton - Thumbnail

Bride & Groom

 Flying Kites, Kenton edding - Thumbnail


Photograph of Bride Arriving - Thumbnail

Arriving in Style

 Photograph of Bride waving reflected in car window - Thumbnail

Waving Bride

 The couple photographed with the setting sun in the background


 Cutting the wedding cake

Cutting Cake

 Wedding Guests

Wedding Guest

Preparation bridesmaids shoes - Thumbnail


 Finishing touches

Finishing Touches

 Final details - brides dress - thumbnail


 A quiet moment - thumbnail

A Quiet Moment

 Bride illuminated by soft window light - thumbnail

Soft Light

Photograph of Groom and Best Men in Church - Thumbnail

Looking Up

 Photograph of Father & Bride - Thumbnail

Arriving at the Church

 Photograph of Church Interior - Thumbnail

Church Interior

 Photograph of rings being exchanged, detail - Thumbnail

Exchanging Rings

 Newlywed Kiss

Newlywed Kiss

Limo Ride - Thumbnail

Limo Ride

 Bride & Groom sharing a kiss

Wedding Kiss

 The Wedding Party MIT grounds

MIT Gathering

 Photograph of Necklace, detail - Thumbnail

Necklace Detail

 Climbing the stairs together, MIT Boston, MA

MIT Stairs

Sharing a joke with the best man - thumbnail


 Fun with the cake

Enjoying the Cake

 Father and bride share a dance

Father and Bride

 A dance with the best man

On the Dance Floor

 Bridesmaids waiting on a bench in the shade, Carmel CA

Waiting Bridesmaids

Bride and groom

Bride & Groom

 Happy Couple

Happy Couple



 Walking along the path

Along the Path

 A happy moment

Candid Moment